Real Weed Dispensary

We are the Real Weed online dispensary. Ranked 53 times better than Littleton CO’s best and with our staff made up of smokers themselves, we understand the needs of the cannabis industry more than any other and pioneer in cannabis and cannabis products

We Are Smokers Ourselves

We are smokers ourselves hence we better understand the need for cannabis and cannabis related products in pain relief, relaxation, stress, cancer related treatments and even just to visit wonderland. We are your one stop for all cannabis and cannabis products

Our Products Background

All our products are lab tested and THC regulated. We focus more on THC related products rather than CBD related products.We are farmers ourselves with small family labs in each farm for production of Oils, Hash, Moonrocks and other cannabis related products

We Ship To All states

We understand what it means to live in an all illegal state or a state where cannabis is still illegal yet be in need of the medicine. We therefore take pride in knowing that we ship discretely to all states legal or illegal and with our top industry packaging methods we guarantee safe delivery

Cannabis Culture

We belive just like Bob Marley said “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” . It is for this reason that we make sure the berb reaches everyone by shipping discretely to all states and internationally.

Discrete Mailing

We know you worry about how we ship especially how we succeed in crossing international boundaries and airport customs. All our packages are vacuum sealed and sent as discrete packages so they do not go through the scanners

Delivery By Drone

Drone Delivery within 15 miles radius so if you are around any of our farms or shops in Elmina NY, Los Angeles CA or Denver CO here in USA and also within 15 miles in Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Cesky in Czech Republic then you are eligible for drone delivery

International Shipping

We are based in Denver CO and we ship to all USA states and also with our Amsterdam Farm and Coffee shop we ship internationally. We take pride in knowing distance is not a barrier and wherever you are your product gets to you 

OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE ORDERING – We understand convenience for our members comes with the ability to order weed online when they want. As such our goal is make ordering weed from your phone as easy as possible, our site is completely mobile-responsive and we work continually to improving your mobile experience, today almost 70% or members use their phone. If you ever encounter any issues or have any feedback please let us know.

SAME DAY APPROVAL – There is no worse feeling than finding that product you have been looking for and desperately in need and somehow found it online still takes days awaiting approval and order confirmation is yet to come.We are WeedCrew and we ensure same day order confirmation and overnight shipping for all express orders and same day delivery for all orders and deliveries within drivable distances (10 Miles)