About heyGanja

We are an online dispensary for cannabis products. Our shop was founded in 2009, initially a local shop where marijuana and cannabis products were sold. Considering how difficult it was getting weed online, we found the need to create a medium through which we could bring the herb and it’s related products closer to weed lovers. Today, known as the Cannabis Walmart or the Walmart of the Cannabis Industry, we play a leading role in the online sale of marijuana, hash, and their oils, cannabis, and cannabis products.

Furthermore, We exist as a member of the National Cancer Institute spearheading cannabis and cannabinoids research as an effort to help alleviate cancer. heyGanja is one of the main supporters of the American Cancer Institute. We operate as a business in order support to our dream of making cannabis and cannabis products as accessible as possible

We believe in the Bob Marley Quote “Live for yourself and you will live in vain; live for others, and you will live again. “ hence we do this for our customers. If you will like to Partner with Us you can Contact Us as we are open to partners

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Our Farms

We have and work with farms almost all over the globe. You can buy weed online from us in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and even Africa. We are a legit dispensary that ship both out of state and worldwide. 

HeyGanja ranches are spread all over U.S.A and Europe so as to make conveyance as simple as could reasonably be expected. Our USA customers are being served from items privately developed from San Francisco CA and Denver CO ranches. What’s more, serving Europe from our Amsterdam, Netherlands ranches.

Notwithstanding, with our USA customers continually needing to attempt items from Europe and European customers trying to attempt items from USA ranches, we keep little amounts of the two items in every one of our shops and you can arrange whichever item from our online dispensary

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