Our Story

In 2011 we became an active member with the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) which had been a leader in medical marijuana research since 2000 and benefitted from the $3m research funds that had been granted to them as part of the Proposition 64. With the release of these funds, they launched open applications for research in examining the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabinoids which we took upon ourselves to be emerge as leaders in such research and since then with positive and realistics results we have been benefiting from the funds to push through both our reserch goals and business zeals

Salute To Our Veterans

We started in 2010 as a small indoor farm in Elmina NY with the goal of helping out our abandoned veterans as we noticed most of those who fought for the rights of this great nation are usually abandoned with great pains from several and different surgeries and with their low income earnings after retirement, they are usually unable to pay for the high cost of pain killers which are also highly addictive whereas the cannabinoids in weed which is a natural pain killer could be of great help and if only we could make it easy for them to buy weed online then they could benefit

Just like any other big names in the industry, we now own farms in Elmina NY where we started, Denver CO and Los Angeles CA here in the USA and overseas in Amsterdam Netherlands and also small indoor dispensaries in the UK

Our Research Centers

We also joined the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute in Czech Republic in Europe and now we own small indoor farms in the the three Czech cities of Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Cesky from where we grown the herb, carry out research and ship the products to all parts of Europe. We therefore ship to all parts of Europe and ship discretely.

We are therefore proud to say we are able to supply to all states within the USA here and all through out Europe from our farms and research centers in Czech Republic.

Our Rastafarian Background

As per our rastafarian backgrounds, we are great lovers of the rastaferian culture and lovers of Bob Marley and his Philosophy with his strongest words being ” Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction. “. We see no need why governments will legalize alcohol which is highly artificial yet make a natural and healthy herb like cannabis illegal

We are therefore glad to know that we don’t just share and spread our culture but also spread the health benefits of this great course