How To Get My Money Back

With our business from the begining being mainly to serve our veterans most of whom are retired and of a low income, we took it upon ourselves to take refund processing very important although we believe our products are amongst the best if not the best in the market today and really do not worry about you coming back for a refund. Nonetheless, as it’s always said ” some people just can’t get satisfied ” especially when dealing with the old and sick. So here we are, if our product doesn’t meet your expectations then ” JUST SEND IT BACK ” and we will refund you of the full amount. However, note that if you made any disputes on the payment either through your bank, PayPal or any payment institution then we will not be refunding your payment

How Does It Work ?

To request for a refund all you need to do is fill in and submit the form to your right . Make sure to enter your payment email or the email associated with the payment account you used when sending payment as it is to such email that our bank will be reaching you.

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email from our bank within 24-48 hours confirming your refund request and stating the exact date when payment will be refunded and expected to appear in your account.

Note that the shipping fee is Non refundable and will not be refunded since this payment goes directly to the courier company and we do not take responsibility for the actions of the courier company unless they did not bring your package to you.

In the even of any delays with the refund process, do not hessitate to contact us in order to check your refund process as we may be able to facilitate the process even more if need be