AC/DC CBD strain

AC/DC oil is a phenotype of this high-CBD breed Cannatonic (also called the CBD Queen) which was chosen by Dr. William Courtney following getting a package of seeds out of its first breeder, Spain-based Resin Seeds.

The consequent ACDC, which is just available on the marketplace for a clone, is extremely high in CBD, using a 20:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, based on testing out of SC Labs.  Resin Seeds refers to the plant’s odor for a mixture of cherry, cherry, gasoline, along with Mandarin peel.  ACDC is a parent to a number of CBD-rich hybrids. 

Other noteworthy hybrids comprise TOCI (ACDC and Xena), EMT (ACDC and Canna-Tsu) in Med Tree Seeds, Valhalla (ACDC along with Sky Dragon) out of Love Genetics, along with CBD Rich Blessing in Bodhi Seeds. 

A hybrid of ACDC plus a CBD-rich excellent Medicine man, CBD Rich Blessing has in turn, been employed by its own breeder to nurture a lot of other CBD-rich hybrids.

The strain allegedly increases to ordinary height, making thin leaves and moderate yields of large, dewy buds.  The strain develops best inside and in hot surroundings.  It is reported to blossom in 63-70 times, maybe longer in colder regions.  ACDC could be finicky, so intermediate and beginner farmers with restricted grow space might want to appear elsewhere to get a high-CBD plantlife.

The ACDC clone generally generates short, bushy plants with sparse foliage that generally grow roughly four feet tall.  An ACDC clone Harborside filed for genetic testing from Phylos Bioscience revealed moderate levels of genetic variation.

How to grow AC/DC Cannabis?

ACDC may be expanded both inside and outside with green buds which are tight but fluffy and coated with orange hair. This really is a bushy plant that may grow as much as 4 feet together with feathery leaves. ACDC also wants a platform to secure itself so make sure you have something that you can use to propping since it develops. Growing ACDC isn’t simple as you’ll have to devote slightly more work compared to other breeds. As an example, you would have to shake it a bit or use a lover. Give it a bit strain as it develops to create the pressure work. ACDC plant isn’t resistant to insects, and that means you’ll need to be on the lookout for this, too.

Effects of AC/DC CBD oil?

Even though this breed is a balanced cross between Indica and Sativa, then it appears to lean towards the latter. Therefore, rather than the more prevalent dash of cerebral large, the impact of ACDC could be described as much more of whole-body comfort. Some physicians have reported that they’re able to concentrate on working after utilizing ACDC.

The THC level might be reduced, however on a lesser scale in contrast to most other breeds, ACDC can uplift the mood leading to a positive impression. It will have an analgesic effect and may cause a very clear mind, and that’s why smokers of the breed could focus much better. Because of feeling comfortable using only the correct quantity of euphoria, ACDC can also affect you to feel much more social. Do not worry, it’s not quite as intense as rocking your buddies much enjoy the heavy metal group.


Due to the very low THC levels, recreational smokers might choose to pass up about the ACDC strain. However, for people who have health conditions, the large CBD rates offer you a level of relaxation. This breed is a favorite for relieving the symptoms of chronic aches, decreasing strain and stress.

ACDC, together with all the high CBD degrees, is a powerful anxiolytic making it advantageous to handling depression, in addition to PTSD. When there are different breeds that were demonstrated to help treat psychiatric ailments, ACDC is your uncommon strain which might assist in acute circumstances.ACDC can also be a breed that will work well for all those who have epilepsy. This is according to research done by Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, New York University. Here, scientists examined an agent named Epidiolex, which includes a prep of CBD. The results demonstrated that the medication wasn’t just well-tolerated and successful, but it was also secure.